Thursday, April 7, 2011

Profile Of The Bankers Sexy Melinda Dee

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Melinda Dee with his Ferrari car

Melinda Dee, sexy woman who is known as a glamorous life being in prison. Citibank customer embezzlement of 17 billion by Melinda Dee namely Inong Melinda quite surprising the public. Woman born 5th July 1965 alone it is a manager at Citibank.

17 billion, fantastic figures obtained from burglary melinda customer funds which makes Melinda woman who living with a glamorous and luxurious. Melinda even have a lot of luxury cars, including cars ferrari, cars mercy, Hummer and Toyota Alphard.

Even from one of the cars purchased by Melinda Dee in the name of AG, Andi Gumilang suspected her husband or an adopted child Melinda.

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