Thursday, April 14, 2011

Cute Handsome Photo Rifky Balweel

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Rifky Balweel, handsome guy who is now no longer single, this is a very famous Indonesian artist with his handsome face. Rifky who decided to get married young with Risty Tagor now been blessed with a baby boy. Although his marriage was aged 6 months, but Rifky and Risty been blessed with a tiny baby boy, named Arsen Raffa Balweel.
Handsome artist who was born on March 27, 1990 this since elementary school has been in the acting world, ranging from a walk-on to actually become famous artists.

Son & Wife Rifky Balweel
(Risty Tagor & Arsen Raffa Balweel)

Following debut Rifky Balweel in the entertainment world :
TV Ads :
* Mc Donald 9th anniversary (2002)
* Ciptadent (2003)
* Ketchup Bango (2004)
* Energen cereal (2005)
* Pop Ice (2005)
* Milo (2005)
* Toyota Vios (2010)

Television movie :
* Bread of Love (Frame Ritz)
* Secret Promise (Frame Ritz)
* My boyfriend 17 Year (Frame Ritz)
* Knight Young (Frame Ritz)
* Kemal (Frame Ritz)
* Three tomboyish girl looking for love (Frame Ritz)

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