Thursday, April 21, 2011

Aditya Firmansyah Indo Picture as Vito on 'Nada Cinta Indosiar' Soap Opera

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Now the name Aditya firmansyah again skyrocketed thanks to the soap opera that starred tone love with Mikha Tambayong, Randy pangalila, Michella Putri, Dewi Sandra and a range of other supporting players.
His role as Vito makes the owner's full name is Aditya Nuruliman Firmansyah increasingly admired by his fans, especially the fair sex and teens.
Aditya Firmansyah Profile :

Full name: Aditya Nuruliman Firman
Popular Name: Aditya Firman
Nickname: Adit
Place and date of birth: Bandung, May 29, 1988
Name of parents: Eddy Sudrajat and Suliah
Hobbies: travel and automotive

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